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Mateusz Gruszczyński gru at linuxiarz.pl
Wed Nov 4 21:13:47 UTC 2015

I was fix this problem by delete Windows from my hard drive and swap this by Archlinux. :)
I was compile new one NGINX 1.9.6 -> by my how to 
When nów i Access to web site its ok. I see site without errors.  I am compile nginx with new open ssl and ty on ubuntu , arch and Debian. 

So i think. Opera has problem with support http/2 on nginx but work good with diffetent servers  ex. Google.com.

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W dniu 4 lis 2015, 21:05, o 21:05, użytkownik Andrew Hutchings <ahutchings at nginx.com> napisał:
>Hi Mateusz,
>First of all please see the caveats section of this post, you may need
>to alter your SSL configuration:
>If this doesn't fix it then it may be that Opera doesn't support NPN
>negotiation that is in OpenSSL 1.0.1 for HTTP/2. If you recompile with
>OpenSSL 1.0.2 it will use ALPN which is actually the standard for
>For now most browsers are supporting both negotiation types but this
>change in the future.
>Kind Regards
>On 31/10/15 22:51, Mateusz Gruszczyński wrote:
>> Hi everyone, I have a little trouble with the operation of HTTP / 2 
>> Opera browser
>> For Mozilla FF and Chrome all OK. ( http://prntscr.com/8xlrln ;)
>> In Opera I have an error in the style of "not received data."
>> -> http://prntscr.com/8xlr5j
>> VHost-> http://pastebin.com/CqJqnvmG
>> Server CNF -> http://pastebin.com/QMtHN4a3
>> NGINX packets-> http://pastebin.com/MDKrErmH
>> Tested on a verified certificate and is the same thing.
>> Version Opera 32.0 (Windows 8.1)
>> Does anyone have a solution?
>> It may be for Opera to disable http/2 and the rest have included?
>> -- 
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