[wsgi] Python interpreter initialization

marc at corky.net marc at corky.net
Tue Aug 21 17:26:57 MSD 2007

lighttpd has a mod_ajp so interested parties might want to look into 
that as a reference.


Aleksandar Lazic wrote:
> On Die 21.08.2007 13:52, Manlio Perillo wrote:
>> Aleksandar Lazic ha scritto:
>>> On Die 21.08.2007 09:17, Manlio Perillo wrote:
>>>> Why should we implement and use server that speaks languages other
>>>> then HTTP?
>>> Due the fact that HTTP is stateless ;-).
>> Well, being stateless (RESTfull) is one of main reason of the success
>> of HTTP...
> Yep, full ack.
>> What's the advantage of implementing an AJP server that can not serve
>> HTTP requests without another web server that converts HTTP requests to
>> AJP requests?
> I think that you are right in this way, I think also that a ajp module
> in nginx will be nice, however the way you go with a nginx => nginx with
> mod_wsgi looks to me simlar ;-) only the protocol is http.
> Neverless I thank you that you start to work on wsgi bevor I start on
> ajp so I can learn a lot during your implementation.
>> Maybe writing an AJP parser is simpler than writing an HTTP parser, but
>> this is the reason why I'm using nginx instead of writing an HTTP
>> server from scratch.
> No probs, I will see how *easy* a ajp parser will be ;-))
> Cheers
> Aleks

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