Any problems with large number (160) of upstream servers (mongrels)?

Jonathan Dance jd at
Sun Nov 4 00:15:00 MSK 2007

> Nginx does not reuse connections -- for every request, it connects to
> the upstream Mongrel, sends the request, reads the response and then
> disconnects. This probably does not scale very well to lots of
> upstreams; a lot of time and system resources will be spent just on
> TCP and socket bookeeping.
> What was the load like when you experienced the problem?

The system load was very nominal. The load on nginx (in terms of
connections) should have been about constant throughout the period, so
it should have been doing roughly the same amount of work but to a
larger list of upstream servers.

It could have been some other factor, and at this point I am inclined
to think it was. It doesn't make a lot of sense that a larger upstream
list would cause a problem.

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