Cliff Wells cliff at
Thu Sep 6 01:17:39 MSD 2007

On Wed, 2007-09-05 at 10:42 +0200, Malte Sussdorff wrote:
> Maybe we could add the missing bits and pieces from the babylon  
> translation. Sadly I have 0 clue of Russian, so this might be utterly  
> inaccurate if I were to do this for topics that are missing.

I don't know Russian either, but Aleks, myself and a few other people
were able to translate (more or less accurately) the bulk of what you
see on the wiki using only Babelfish and common sense.  My typical
approach was to paste the Russian text into the wiki, format it,
translate the parts I could and leave anything I couldn't do verbatim
for a more knowledgeable person to fix later.  There's also a few notes
about Babelfish translation kookiness on the wiki to help with the
inexplicable conversions you'll sometimes see (they are odd, but at
least fairly consistent).

BTW, there's absolutely nothing wrong with pasting the Russian docs
verbatim into the wiki (but please format them if you can).  Doing so at
least lets everyone know that a feature exists and that the docs for it
need translating.  Even an empty link to a feature can be useful.
Keeping up with the feature set can be a task on its own so even a
simple placeholder is helpful.

Also if you receive help or clarification on this mailing list regarding
a feature, please add it to the wiki.  You can add a note asking someone
to review it (several people, myself included, monitor the wiki for
changes, so any such comments will be seen).


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