Malte Sussdorff sussdorff at
Wed Sep 5 12:42:31 MSD 2007

Maybe we could add the missing bits and pieces from the babylon  
translation. Sadly I have 0 clue of Russian, so this might be utterly  
inaccurate if I were to do this for topics that are missing.

Am 05.09.2007 um 08:17 schrieb Cliff Wells:

> On Wed, 2007-09-05 at 08:24 +0300, Athan Dimoy wrote:
>> "Aleksandar Lazic" <al-nginx at> wrote in message
>> news:20070904112320.GA4642 at
>>> No probs, take a login and bring it to today ;-)
>> I wish I had the time to do that Aleks.
> The wiki isn't *that* out of date (it's barely a year old).
> As far as time constraints, it isn't necessary to fix everything, just
> fix things as you notice them.  That's the whole point of a wiki.  No
> one has the time to maintain the whole thing but if everyone  
> contributes
> a small amount it will be a lot more useful.
> Regards,
> Cliff

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