Athan Dimoy foxx at
Wed Sep 5 10:31:14 MSD 2007

"Cliff Wells" <cliff at> wrote in 
message news:1188973056.5103.4.camel at portable-evil...
> The wiki isn't *that* out of date (it's barely a year old).

Wiki is just fine for a quick start. The "problem" is that Nginx is actively 
developed (good thing btw), with new features and directives being added on 
every release. Unfortunately many of them are not referenced in Wiki and 
users have to dig the Russian docs to find about the available options.

> As far as time constraints, it isn't necessary to fix everything, just
> fix things as you notice them.  That's the whole point of a wiki.  No
> one has the time to maintain the whole thing but if everyone contributes
> a small amount it will be a lot more useful.

Absolutely agreed!


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