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Thu Sep 6 22:20:13 MSD 2007

El Thu, 6 Sep 2007 21:44:05 +0400
Igor Sysoev <is at> escribió:

> > Can someone confirm that it is ok and Nginx will open and send the
> > file for me? (I will be experimenting myself in the meanwhile, too).
> No, nginx does not open the file by itself. See ngx_http_static_module
> that sends files.

Thanks for the confirmation, I also noticed that by myself some minutes
ago when testing some proof-of-concept code.

> > Also, will Nginx notice I filled in the "buffer->file" member and
> > use "sendfile()" if possible? (or any other method which the server
> > will consider "optimal").
> If sendfile is enabled and file content is not needed to be in memory
> (gzip, ssi, charset, etc.) then the content will be sent via
> sendfile().

I will remember about this, just in case.

> However, it's better to include header/footer via subrequest as Evan
> has suggested.

I think subrequests are a good hint, I peeked a bit at the code
in the addition module as Evan suggested and I think I will be able of
using subrequests without too much trouble.

Thanks again to you both, as I did not expect such a quick response.
I will try make my module as good as possible. Cheers,

P.S. Having to google-translate the newer bits of documentation
from Russian is sometimes funny because of the automatic translation,
but I took a look at the mailing list archives and I feel like people
is very kind here, and that's great ;-)

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