advice on writing simple http backend for use with nginx

Bert Douglas bertd at
Thu Sep 6 22:51:39 MSD 2007

I am writing an application specific http backend for use with nginx.

Any advice is welcome.
Where are potential problems?

I some specific question about how nginx talks to http backends.
(1) Is connection always closed after every request/response?
Or do I need to keep connection open?

(2) is only one connection opened at a time to same backend?
Or do I need to accept multiple connections (at same time)?

A little background.
My kind of project normally uses fastcgi.
But I looked around, and it is reported that apache has bugs in fastcgi.
Not all webservers support fastcgi.
Not all reverse proxies support fastcgi.
So it seems to me that http interface is more general than fastcgi.
And with an excellent front end like nginx, it seems simple to do.
So that is why I decided to use http interface.

Thanks much,
Bert Douglas

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