Nginx Wiki: old docutils version?

Manlio Perillo manlio_perillo at
Thu Sep 13 21:16:22 MSD 2007

Cliff Wells ha scritto:
> On Wed, 2007-09-12 at 13:45 +0200, Adrian Perez de Castro wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I was trying to create a page about the Nginx module I made those days,
>> and as I already had written a readme file in reStructuredText, I tried
>> to add "#format rst" in the wiki, but that resulted in an error:
>>   RuntimeError
>>   ERROR: The installed docutils version is 0.3.7; version 0.3.10 or
>>   later is required.
>> I don't know whether this is the best place to report this, but I have
>> not found any contact information where to report webpage issues.
> I'll take a look at upgrading.  BTW, my contact info is at the end of
> the first paragraph of the wiki ;-)

I hope that MoinMoin will cache the page, since rendering 
reStructredText is very expensive.

Regards  Manlio Perillo

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