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Cliff Wells cliff at
Thu Apr 3 00:50:45 MSD 2008

Hi all,

I'd like to bring up the idea of getting off of MoinMoin at some point.
The spam issue is a constant headache and Moin 1.6's solution isn't
appealing (textcha's) for several reasons:

1) it's annoying and error-prone. 
2) it won't work against humans (which happen to be the source of a lot
of wiki and blog spam).

I'm thinking what we need is something more like Plone that has actual
workflow and permissions.  That is to say, anyone could register and
edit content, but only established users could actually publish content.
Clearly we'll still get spam attempts, but the spam will never make it
to the web, so the incentive to spam goes away.

Of course, I want to make it as easy as possible for established people
to make changes, so my thought is that we could just promote people to
publishers once they'd actually made a valid addition to the site, so
people could just short-circuit the workflow cycle and publish their own
changes.  I doubt spammers will ever make valid contributions to the
site, but if they did, I suppose it would all balance out =)

However, as much as I think Plone fits the bill, I've yet to implement
anything successfully with Plone (or Zope), so I think I'd rather look
elsewhere for something a little less complicated.

Another nice thing about a system like this is certain sections could
actually belong to a particular user (e.g. Evan's Guide to Nginx Module
Development) who wanted to retain control of a document for whatever
reason but also wanted it highly visible.

Any suggestions?  Wikis (or even CMS's) with workflow seem a rare breed.


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