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Manlio Perillo manlio_perillo at
Thu Apr 3 01:07:41 MSD 2008

Cliff Wells ha scritto:
> Hi all,
> I'd like to bring up the idea of getting off of MoinMoin at some point.
> The spam issue is a constant headache and Moin 1.6's solution isn't
> appealing (textcha's) for several reasons:
> 1) it's annoying and error-prone. 
> 2) it won't work against humans (which happen to be the source of a lot
> of wiki and blog spam).
> I'm thinking what we need is something more like Plone that has actual
> workflow and permissions.  That is to say, anyone could register and
> edit content, but only established users could actually publish content.
> Clearly we'll still get spam attempts, but the spam will never make it
> to the web, so the incentive to spam goes away.
> Of course, I want to make it as easy as possible for established people
> to make changes, so my thought is that we could just promote people to
> publishers once they'd actually made a valid addition to the site, so
> people could just short-circuit the workflow cycle and publish their own
> changes.  I doubt spammers will ever make valid contributions to the
> site, but if they did, I suppose it would all balance out =)
> However, as much as I think Plone fits the bill, I've yet to implement
> anything successfully with Plone (or Zope), so I think I'd rather look
> elsewhere for something a little less complicated.
> Another nice thing about a system like this is certain sections could
> actually belong to a particular user (e.g. Evan's Guide to Nginx Module
> Development) who wanted to retain control of a document for whatever
> reason but also wanted it highly visible.
> Any suggestions?  Wikis (or even CMS's) with workflow seem a rare breed.

Unfortunately I'm not very expert of content management systems, but 
what about having the documents managed by a revision control system 
(many have ACL support) and have the wiki generated by this repository?

With a revision control system one can reuse the "well know" workflow 
for these systems.

> Regards,
> Cliff

Manlio Perillo

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