Serving embedded video files with X-Accel-Redirect to IE 6 browser

Dave Cheney dave at
Wed Apr 16 02:06:30 MSD 2008

Can you do a curl -I <url> and post the results, it may be a case that  
the wrong mime type is being served. I'm guessing that the Safari 3.1  
and FF tests are done on a Mac and the IE6 tests on a PC (or vmware  
image). Apple have a vested interest in going the extra mile to play  
quicktime video where as on a PC Quicktime is relegated to plugin  
status and so the wrong mime type or content disposition may be  
causing that plugin to not be triggered.



On 16/04/2008, at 7:35 AM, Thomas wrote:

> Hi list,
> I am able to serve embedded quicktime movie files to Safari 3.1 and
> Firefox2 browsers, but I fail serving to Internet Explorer 6. The
> quicktime logo gets displayed, but the movie never starts.
> Are there some magical headers I need to add to the response?
> Note that embedding the same movie with the same html code but
> bypassing Nginx works perfectly (for instance serving the file through
> mongrel), so there is an issue between nginx with X-Accel-Redirect and
> Internet Explorer I guess.
> Best regards,

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