OT: 'best' dynamic language

Aleksandar Lazic al-ngnix at none.at
Mon Apr 21 12:30:14 MSD 2008

On Son 20.04.2008 15:35, Cliff Wells wrote:
>On Sun, 2008-04-20 at 23:35 +0200, Aleksandar Lazic wrote:
>> The requirements are:
>> MySQL requests (insert/update/delete)
>This is OT, but I'd highly recommend PostgreSQL over MySQL for any


>> As small as possible mem and cpu usage => efficient interpreter
>I personally use Python.  I don't consider Python the "best" language
>by any stretch of the imagination (in fact, it's a really bad language
>in a couple key aspects), but it's a *practical* language.  It's
>mature, it has extensive libraries, the interpreter is rock-solid.
>There's several nice web frameworks to select from.  If you care about
>getting work done versus doing the coolest thing possible at every
>moment, you can't go wrong with Python.
>As far as "light", I'd consider Python about average in this regard. 

Thanks for your opinion ;-)



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