A hardware question

mike mike503 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 00:35:06 MSD 2008

Understood. I don't -want- to use NFS, but nobody else has given me
any other options. I tried iSCSI+OCFS2, and that had some odd issues
and I am not sure it was reliable enough for a low-latency web
environment with millions of files.

I'm pretty OCD, I'd like all my machines to match, and I have the
ability right now to get them synced up before I start using them.

Also, would FreeBSD or Linux be better for the dual or quad core? Last
answer I got was nginx probably works better under FBSD. NFS works
better under FBSD too. My NFS server is already FBSD...

On 4/27/08, Dave Cheney <dave at cheney.net> wrote:
> As Igor suggested serving files directly from NFS will cause the workers to
> stall. You should be able to compensate by using more workers, perhaps 2 or
> 3 per physical CPU but it depends heavily on the setup of your NFS server,
> the network in between, etc.
> On 27/04/2008, at 6:58 PM, mike wrote:
> > yeah i shouldn't be hitting the SATA bottleneck. right now most is
> > served via NFS,
> >

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