A hardware question

Janko Hauser jh at zscout.de
Mon Apr 28 00:45:02 MSD 2008

Am 27.04.2008 um 22:35 schrieb mike:

> Understood. I don't -want- to use NFS, but nobody else has given me
> any other options. I tried iSCSI+OCFS2, and that had some odd issues
> and I am not sure it was reliable enough for a low-latency web
> environment with millions of files.
> I'm pretty OCD, I'd like all my machines to match, and I have the
> ability right now to get them synced up before I start using them.
> Also, would FreeBSD or Linux be better for the dual or quad core? Last
> answer I got was nginx probably works better under FBSD. NFS works
> better under FBSD too. My NFS server is already FBSD...

We are using AFS (Andrew File System), which can have big caches on  
every machine and it performs very well, although it was a little bit  
problematic to setup. There are now 60GB of data in the AFS, but only  
a fraction is daily served.


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