Nginx feature request

Hendrik Hardeman hendrik.hardeman at
Tue Feb 12 13:13:43 MSK 2008


Thanks a lot for yet another interesting suggestion.

> One more option (assuming you're on Linux) would be to write a FUSE
> filesystem that exposes the files you want and hides those with a future
> timestamp.  You could mount this over the top (or rather, alongside) of
> your real FS.

Yes, I'm on debian. Had never looked into FUSE. Sounds like a really interesting option. If I could use FUSE to hide files with a future timestamp and automatically expose them at the appropriate time, then that would be an ideal solution since it would work with nginx and anything else that should or should not have access.

> This would probably be pretty simple (assuming you start with an
> existing FUSE FS and modify it to your needs) although I'm sure how much
> of a performance impact you'd see.

There will obviously be some performance impact, but not a huge one I would imagine. I can't spare time for experiments with FUSE right now, but will definitely look at this promising option at a later stage.



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