Nginx feature request

Cliff Wells cliff at
Tue Feb 12 06:11:02 MSK 2008

On Tue, 2008-02-12 at 07:59 +0530, Hendrik Hardeman wrote:

> Setting the read permission bit with "at" does look like a solution
> worth investigating. "at" does indeed seem better than cron here, but
> it still isn't as transparent as a future file modification time. E.g.
> checking or resetting the time at which a particular file should
> become accessible seems rather complicated with atq / atrm / at.
> While I'm still keen on setting up a filesystem solution with a
> directive in Nginx, the combination of eliott's and your suggestion
> seems to be the best interim solution.

One more option (assuming you're on Linux) would be to write a FUSE
filesystem that exposes the files you want and hides those with a future
timestamp.  You could mount this over the top (or rather, alongside) of
your real FS.

This would probably be pretty simple (assuming you start with an
existing FUSE FS and modify it to your needs) although I'm sure how much
of a performance impact you'd see.


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