excessive RAM consumption - memory leak

Todd HG lists at ruby-forum.com
Fri Feb 22 01:16:59 MSK 2008

eliott wrote:
>> I do have a script that restarts Nginx already, however, only rebooting
>>  the machine actually clears the RAM. This is why I was curious to know
>>  how and what Nginx stores in the RAM.
> Wait.. are you talking about overall system ram, or ram used by nginx 
> processes?
> If you mean overall system ram, you are probably just noticing that
> the OS (esp linux) has cached many of the files in the filesystem
> (IOcache) to speed up read operations.

How would I stop Linux from filling up RAM with IOcache? How would I 
check to see if that is the case? I'm willing to consider all input.

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