Protect streamed files from being downloaded

Reinis Rozitis r at
Wed Jul 2 23:37:34 MSD 2008

The problem is - all you can see/hear on web you can get (traffic dumping  / 
screen grabbing / soundcard capturing and so on).

Point is to make it pretty useless and frustrating for the users who want to 
snatch all of your site and one of the way to do it is by just limiting the 
bandwidth ( ) .
It is probably not so good on video content but streaming audio (progressive 
download) works nice - you just set up the speed limit just enough to play 
without delays and thats all.  To get all the content a user must wait full 
length of the playtime and usually it is where the raw download attempts 
end. Of course you may say that its only per connection then again there are 
also limits to those.


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> What I meant is that I would like any user to be able to have access
> to the video being streamed, but I don't want the user to be able to
> easily download the file.

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