Protect streamed files from being downloaded

Thomas iamkenzo at
Fri Jul 4 13:59:33 MSD 2008

> Anybody sees something wrong with this?
> Kiril
That's actually kind of the way I have implemented my protection
although not making so complicated. I only want to prevent 99.9% of my
visitors from downloading the files.

The 0.1% of the other visitors will always be able to crack the
protection by reverse engineering the swf file or by sniffing the
packets with wireshark, so they will know how the flash player and the
server communicate, and will be able to to know where to retrieve the
tokens from and how to use them. But that's acceptable for me. Yeah
you could hide the token in the flv, but still the swf file can be
cracked and the hacker will eventually figure it out.

DRMs are not acceptable for me though. I don't want my customers to be
part of my protection scheme, this is my business and not their

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