Streaming flv video to JW FLV media player 4.0

Thomas iamkenzo at
Fri Jul 4 00:34:54 MSD 2008


Using this flash player in version 4.0:

I have a problem when scrubbing. I think it is because, JW has updated
his code to send the following request:

And I guess that Nginx doesn't like such a request, because what
happens when scrubbing, is that the video starts back at the
beginning. Surprisingly, the buffering occurs at the correct spot of
the scrub, but the video starts at the beginning of the file. I
suspect that Nginx sends back to the flash player the full request (or
at least a corrupted starting point) and therefore the player doesn't
know where to start, and so it starts at the beginning of the file.

In the previous version 3.16, the request would have only been:

So I have edited the source code of JWFLV to only append the start
parameter, and it works. But actually I would like to keep some of the
appended parameters and still have nginx work. Could this be handled
by a rewrite rule? How does Nginx actually treats the requests when
using the flv module?

I tried the following directives with no success, it keeps looping
back at the beginning:
  rewrite ^/(videos)/([\w|-]+\.flv\?start=\d+).* /$1/$2 last;
  location ~ ^/videos/[\w|-]+\.flv {
    root          /public;

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