php fastcgi support - how do u do it?

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For a shared hosting, what are the advantages of php-fpm over mod_php?

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> > What can i say i am very happy with this patch! and i hope it ends up in
> the
> > default php setup
> Andrei has said once he considers it "ready" and feature complete he
> will change the license to be PHP core compliant so it can be put into
> PHP core (assuming they allow it...)
> There's already a "bug"/feature request in PHP's system for it, but it
> was closed/put on hold due to the license incompatibility.
> I am pretty sure they'll put it in, as he's already patched at least
> one FastCGI/PHP bug in PHP core in the past that I've seen in the
> changelog. But here's how to help: tell everyone in the world to use
> it, and when the time comes, put pressure on the PHP team to get it in
> to the core. If they realize not only that it works well but tons of
> people actually use it and want it, I can't see any reason they
> wouldn't.
> Everyone I've told about php-fpm who has tried it loves it. I've
> converted every server I maintain at work and at home to using it too.

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