php fastcgi support - how do u do it?

mike mike503 at
Wed Jul 16 00:33:55 MSD 2008

On 7/15/08, Marcos Neves <marcos.neves at> wrote:
> When you say "You can setup a separate fastcgi pool for each user", you mean
> system user?
> Or is it possible with virtual users or something easier to manager like
> virtualusers from pure-ftpd?
> Using open_basedir for each user wouldn´t be enought?
> Have PHP proccess runing outside the webserver is really a nice thing,
> cause if it had any problem, only the php scripts will be affected ! :)

System user.

Although you might be able to use something like nss-mysql to manage
users in a mysql database and not physically in /etc/passwd and such.
As long as the system understands the getpwnam() and all those calls
(which I believe is what the nss library provides) I think you should
be cool.

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