php fastcgi support - how do u do it?

Tit Petric black at
Wed Jul 16 13:37:31 MSD 2008

>> useful for shared hosting since you can
>> easily define multiple pools (one for each user for instance) - that's
>> how I use it right now. The other key benefit (apache-style process
>> spawning) is coming soon, not quite finished yet. Between both of
>> those, that takes care of my two key desires.
> but is apache style process spawning really a good idea? i mean i'm
> replacing apache with nginx because the idea of apache's scaling is
> ''thread/fork as much as you can, as soon as you can and not a
> thread/process less'' :-)
I think your objection to this is basically because of apache problems, 
not really problems with process spawning. Apache process spawning is 
problematic because of apache itself. Each process is taking up system 
resources, doing very little or nothing at all (especially true with 
keep-alive connections). Since apache is a memory hog, this causes 
problems, I've had problems with machines going into swap because of 
this. If you don't have fastcgi in Apache, the problem is much more 
noticable, since each process takes up much more memory with mod_php 
instead of using fastcgi in the backend.

P.s. doesnt lighttpd already have "apache" style process spawning for 
fastcgi? The config options for fastcgi include min-procs, max-procs. 
This should be an equivalent with apaches MinSpareServers, 
MaxSpareServers, MaxClients but relevant only to fastcgi (albeit 
smaller, 1-8 is something reasonable).

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