php fastcgi support - how do u do it?

mike mike503 at
Wed Jul 16 14:29:09 MSD 2008

On 7/16/08, Tit Petric <black at> wrote:

> P.s. doesnt lighttpd already have "apache" style process spawning for
> fastcgi? The config options for fastcgi include min-procs, max-procs. This
> should be an equivalent with apaches MinSpareServers, MaxSpareServers,
> MaxClients but relevant only to fastcgi (albeit smaller, 1-8 is something
> reasonable).

yes, in 1.4.x - in 1.5.x adaptive process spawning has been
removed/not included.

also, i believe it is considered "broken" by the lighty community, so
it's not very useful to begin with.

php-fpm to me is the right type of tool for the job. originally i had
a "wishlist" item for something that would have been a fastcgi proxy
layer - essentially everything php-fpm provides... so php-fpm to me is
a godsend, as soon as Andrei finishes the process spawning work, it
will make my life so much more enjoyable - no more wasting resources
trying to determine manually how many engines to have sitting around,

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