File uploads and client_body_temp_temp problems

Ezra Zygmuntowicz ezmobius at
Wed Jul 30 03:31:46 MSD 2008

On Jul 29, 2008, at 10:37 AM, Michael Nachbaur wrote:

> I find it hard to believe that, with all these sites working behind  
> nginx that there isn't a better answer than "Switch web servers".   
> There must be someone here doing file uploads, since it is a very  
> common webapp requirement.
> Is there anything anyone has done to reduce the impact of this  
> problem?  I already switched from lighttpd to nginx, and I really  
> don't want to have to switch it for yet another "flavour of the  
> month" web server.

	Unfortunately nginx always buffers file uploads and will not pass  
them to the backend until after the upload is complete. There are two  
modules that can mitigate this factor though that are worth checking  
out. one of them parses the multipart body in nginx and places a file  
on the filesystem your backend can get without parsing. The other one  
does upload progress bars in nginx itself keeping the load and polling  
off of your backends.'


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