mogilefs module 1.0.2

Daniel daniel at
Fri Aug 7 07:33:57 MSD 2009

> Well, the end user can upload directly to this as soon as it does via PUT request. Nginx already provides all necessary validations for PUT requests.

This functionality would be very useful.  I'm testing the mogilefs 
module is spare time, and is working smoothly. 
My servers ,all virtuals, are:

Reverse Proxy 1 : Nginx0.7.61 + mogilefs_module 1.0.2 - setting  to 
download only
Mogile Tracker 1 & 2 : mogilefsd , mysqld
Mogile Stored 1 - 3 : mogstored , Nginx 0.7.61 + http_dav_module
Upload Server : Nginx0.7.61 + mogilefs_module 1.0.2 + upload_module 
2.0.9, php-fpm+curl - To upload a file from a form.html(using POST) the 
upload_module will run (upload_pass=putfile.php) which is a php script 
that PUTs the file to mogilefs_module.

> >I'm not sure if this is something you have to handle or the mogilefs  
> > infrastructure does, but if you have defined multiple replicas for a  
> > specific domain does this work like it should (I would assume that it  
> > would return multiple nodes then)? Is it your modules responsibility  
> > or does the tracker and it's processes handle distributing the files  
> > amongst the other replicas?
> No, at the moment it makes only one replica, but I plan to implement replication at desired minimal number of nodes simultaneously
The system is running without problems. I sent a PDF File And the 
Mogilefs tracker replicates the file around the Storages servers. 
Sending the file one time is enough, the tracker will replicate the 
files.  About size I sent a CD iso image without problems ( 

As i said in the first sentence linking POST to PUT would be useful, 
maybe making a bridge between your Upload module and Mogilefs module 
could be enough to do the task.
In other point as Michael said, using variables to set mogilefs_domain 
would be useful too.
I looked the source but  I didn't find how to set the Class for 
uploading files.

Thanks for the modules.
I will still testing around.


Valery Kholodkov さんは書きました:
> ----- Michael Shadle <mike503 at> wrote:
>> On Jul 27, 2009, at 11:21 PM, Valery Kholodkov <valery+nginxen at 
>>  > wrote:
>>> Remember that you do PUT request, not a POST request.
>> So there still needs to be some sort of handler between this and the  
>> end user, technically. Yes? I got confused and was thinking the end  
>> user could directly upload to this (hence asking about dynamic and  
>> variable things)
> Well, the end user can upload directly to this as soon as it does via PUT request. Nginx already provides all necessary validations for PUT requests.
> For POST requests I plan to implement a module which does conversion from POST to PUT internally in nginx. This will allow implementing a scalable web storage entirely on nginx. This module will be able to work with your partial upload thingy as well.

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