problem with my module configure reading

supergui nginx-forum at
Mon Aug 10 14:42:35 MSD 2009

i have  created my module configuration with "create location configure" handler.
then i want to have something to initiate wiht callback "postconfiguration".

my function likes this:
typedef struct{
     ngx_int_t var;
ngx_int_t gdrive_gfs_proxy_init(ngx_conf_t* cf)
     gdrive_test_module_loc_conf_t *ggplc=ngx_http_conf_get_module_loc_conf(cf, gdrive_test_module_loc_conf_t);
     ngx_log_debug0(NGX_LOG_DEBUG, cf->log, 0, "%d" ,ggplc->var);

     return NGX_OK;

the problem is, i don't know why, i get my configure gglpc with ngx_http_conf_get_module_loc_conf, but the var value i have set in nginx.conf can't be readed, it is still UNSET value.

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