proxying to apache/svn, COPY fails, but without HTTPS

Samuel Vogel samydelux at
Mon Aug 10 18:50:10 MSD 2009

Hey guys,

We proxy to http://localhost:81, where an 
apache server with mod_dav_svn is listening, which is binding only to
We do get a "502 Bad Gateway" for COPY requests. This topic came up a 
couple of times on the list, but issues with HTTPS vs. HTTP always 
caused the problems.
This is however not the case with out setup, the SVN client uses HTTP 
and we proxy to the backend via HTTP.

Our nginx config:
server {
     listen   80;

     location / {
         proxy_pass http://localhost:81;

Apache config:

     UseCanonicalName On

<Location />
         DAV svn
         SVNParentPath "/var/lib/svn"

Any hints how this could be solved?


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