Weird connections spike

Jeff Waugh jdub at
Sat Aug 29 19:45:30 MSD 2009

<quote who="Igor Sysoev">

> > 2009/08/29 23:15:52 [alert] 8716#0: open socket #152 left in connection 105
> This is probably after reconfiguraiton.

Sorry, yes, I should've checked the time -> that was from when I reverted to
0.8.10... there no alerts prior to that.

> There are signinficant changes in 0.8.11, but you case is strange: I'am
> testing 0.8.11 on a host with 400r/s with a lot of proxied SSIed
> subrequests and static files, and there is no connection leak.
> Have you built any third party modules ?


btw, the majority of my non-static traffic is fastcgi over unix socket. I'm
going to do the upgrade again and watch the activity.


- Jeff

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