Event-driven handler

Ryan Dahl ry at tinyclouds.org
Wed Feb 18 02:53:03 MSK 2009

> I'm trying to develop a handler for Nginx.  I want to do this:
> (1) Request comes in to Nginx
> (2) This is passed on to handler
> (3) Handler sends request to other code (either a new thread or some
> event-driven system) and tells Nginx to wait until output has been generated
> (4) Output is generated in 'background' whilst Nginx is handling other requests
> (5) Message is sent to Nginx that content has been generated through some event
> (e.g. with a semaphore)
> (6) Nginx retrieves content and sends to client

I think what your describing is exactly what the upstream modules do.
You shouldn't need to change Nginx.

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