Event-driven handler

Marcus Clyne eugaia at gmail.com
Wed Feb 18 03:13:37 MSK 2009

Ryan Dahl <ry at ...> writes:

> I think what your describing is exactly what the upstream modules do.
> You shouldn't need to change Nginx.

Ryan, thanks for replying. You're right to mention upstream modules, and that is
indeed what they do.  However, I'm not passing off the request via a socket -
I'm running the code inside Nginx itself (it's written in C).

I have the code running in a customized compiled Nginx binary, but currently the
code is blocking (i.e. no other requests can be handled whilst my new code is
being processed).  I'm looking to create a non-blocking version of my code,
either through spawning off threads and handling each request in an isolated
thread, or through some event-driven process.  I've not decided on that part of
it yet, but I need to first get the code hooked into the event architecture of

I think that the solution to what I'm doing will use some of the functions that
the upstream handling module(s) use internally, I'm just not certain yet which
ones - though I'm in the process of trying to work it out from looking at the
source code.

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