SSL Questions

Kurt Hansen khansen at
Wed Feb 18 16:47:14 MSK 2009

Hello Alan,

Alan Williamson wrote:
> Good day one and all.   I would like to ask some specific SSL 
> questions that I am sure will be easy enough.
> SSL has the requirement that only certificate can be loaded per IP 
> address.
> With that in mind can nginx handle hosting multiple virtual host SSL 
> sites all listening to on IP's?
> And can I accept a "" and then load balance (proxy) 
> that internally to normal "http://" backends?
I've only been testing out nginx for about a week. This is my plan as 
well. So far, I have this working with two IPs (one IP virtual host and 
the main IP) on a couple of development systems.

Pretty easy once I read the documentation right.

I'm using an rpm for Fedora from the EPEL repository on CentOS 5. This 
seems to have a few things compiled in -- like SSL support -- that the 
nginx docs suggest are not the default compile, but which have made life 

Take care,

Kurt Hansen

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