[Fwd: [lighttpd-announce] spawn-fcgi-1.6.0rc1-r16 prerelease]

mike mike503 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 19 19:09:55 MSK 2009

My qualm was having to write a custom script to manage spawn-fcgi  
pools and it ignored the max requests environment variable (that must  
be  fixed by now)

Yes the only drawback with php-fpm is the custom build but if you want  
an optimized binary with all the stuff you want and not the stuff you  
don't want that's what of comes down to anyway.

I tried looking for an example of spawn-fcgi for something other than  
php (very quickly though) and every example was for that...

On Feb 19, 2009, at 3:14 AM, Cliff Wells <cliff at develix.com> wrote:

> On Wed, 2009-02-18 at 22:25 -0800, mike wrote:
>> Yeah I saw that and I wanted to ask why anyone would use it after
>> using php-fpm...
> I've had zero issues with spawn-fcgi over the last couple years.   I
> can't speak for anyone else, but the appeal of maintaining a custom  
> build is of zero interest to me.
>> Seems like spawn-fcgi is designed only for PHP ... fcgiwrap is aiming
>> for general purpose too... I would only see a benefit for spawn-fcgi
>> if it was useful for other things than PHP now that php-fpm is
>> there...
> AFAIK, spawn-fcgi can be used to launch any FCGI app.   I rarely use
> FCGI *except* for PHP, but on Lighty spawn-fcgi is the de facto  
> standard
> for launching a FCGI, so don't see how it could be PHP-specific...
> unless you are asserting Lighty can only host PHP FCGI apps?
> Cliff

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