nginx+php5+mysql+phpmyadmin+zend+iconcube -- how to install?

Dzulhelmi apek.friday at
Fri Feb 20 09:20:14 MSK 2009

Hello people..

I am using latest Ubuntu server edition(8.10)+KDE 4.1

I wanna use this server as my company's local webserver for some our
application and intranet.

During development, i am using Apache as the webserver.

Now i want to use the Nginx

The nginx,php,mysql,phpmyadmin were installed just fine as some of
them were came together with the ubuntu installer.

The problem is, my intranet requires Zend Optimizer and Ioncube loader
to be installed. I know how install it on Apache, but anyone knows how
to install zend and ioncube in nginx?

Please help.

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