nginx+php5+mysql+phpmyadmin+zend+iconcube -- how to install?

Jim Ohlstein jim.ohlstein at
Fri Feb 20 16:28:59 MSK 2009

These are php extensions so it depends on how you are serving php scripts
from nginx. If you are using apache-mod_php then you probably don't need to
do anything. If you are using a separately compiled php-cgi binary and
fastcgi_pass then you need to add them to the php.ini that is in use for
that binary.

Something like this at the end of your php.ini might work:


This assumes that you are using linux and php 5.2.x


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> Subject: nginx+php5+mysql+phpmyadmin+zend+iconcube -- how to install?
> Hello people..
> I am using latest Ubuntu server edition(8.10)+KDE 4.1
> I wanna use this server as my company's local webserver for some our
> application and intranet.
> During development, i am using Apache as the webserver.
> Now i want to use the Nginx
> The nginx,php,mysql,phpmyadmin were installed just fine as some of
> them were came together with the ubuntu installer.
> The problem is, my intranet requires Zend Optimizer and Ioncube loader
> to be installed. I know how install it on Apache, but anyone knows how
> to install zend and ioncube in nginx?
> Please help.

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