previous questoin... maybe I'm grabbing at straws...

Ilan Berkner iberkner at
Thu Jan 15 23:59:48 MSK 2009

Are you going to it directly?

We use soundmanager2.swf to make many calls to .mp3 files.  If you call it
directly (as you're doing I think) it is showing you the default call
directory.  Soundamanger2.swf requires parameters for it to call the
appropriate mp3 files.  Note that the /data/ directory is not the same one
that is showing up in the error log (i.e. "/letters/.mp3").

What I'm not clear on is why the referring information is not available in
the log...

On Thu, Jan 15, 2009 at 3:49 PM, Juan Fco. Giordana
<juangiordana at>wrote:

> What about soundmanager2.swf?
> I see with firebug it's calling /data/null.mp3
> Juan Fco. Giordana wrote:
>> You could inspect the headers with firebug or similar tool or add the
>> $http_referer variable to the log format to see what is causing that or even
>> a rewrite rule to catch the request in a php script and logs its output in
>> another file or in a DB.
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