previous questoin... maybe I'm grabbing at straws...

Juan Fco. Giordana juangiordana at
Fri Jan 16 00:25:50 MSK 2009

Ilan Berkner wrote:
> Are you going to it directly?

Just entered on the site and looked at the header information with Firebug.

> We use soundmanager2.swf to make many calls to .mp3 files.  If you call 
> it directly (as you're doing I think) it is showing you the default call 
> directory.  Soundamanger2.swf requires parameters for it to call the 
> appropriate mp3 files.  Note that the /data/ directory is not the same 
> one that is showing up in the error log (i.e. "/letters/.mp3").

I would look in the script (php, xml, fla?) that generates the path for 
these mp3 files. I think it's related to an undefined or empty variable 
being printed and when the browser sends the request the web server 
can't find the file, etc, etc.

You may be doing something like

$filename = getMyFile($id);
echo '/path-to/ . $filename . '.mp3';

But if getMyFile() returns an empty string the problem arises.

if (!$filename = getMyFile($id)) {
     $filename = 'something';
     // or fix the function

echo '/path-to/ . $filename . '.mp3';

Could be a millon things.

> What I'm not clear on is why the referring information is not available 
> in the log...

Yesterday I saw on this thread that flash couldn't be sending the 
referring information. Otherwise you could post your log settings here 
and that may help.

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