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Eren Türkay turkay.eren at
Sun Jan 25 21:10:32 MSK 2009


I know there is Emiller's Guide [0] about nginx module development but it 
seems really complicated for newbies, at least for me :) It seems that it's 
for half-experts.

First of all, I really wonder the code structure of nginx and core modules. 
How does nginx interpret configuration file and when/how it initliase modules 
when request come? (module's initialisation is covered with Emiller's Guide 
but it's just shallow)

It would be better if someone provided a sample configuration file and explain 
*step-by-step* which part of code is run when a request is made. It would 
include, for example, gzip module and location/rewrite directive and explain 
"when request come, nginx checks the location (the code in foo.c), then 
processes it (bar.c <code sample>), gzip module is initialised and the output 
of request is gzipped, then sent to the client."

I hope, I've expressed myself clearly. :)

Nice hacking!

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