Keeping up-to-date with nginx in Ubuntu

Matt Goodall matt.goodall at
Wed Jul 22 16:51:27 MSD 2009

2009/7/22 Jeff Waugh <jdub at>:
> Hi all,
> For those of you using Ubuntu 8.04.x LTS (the most recent long-term support
> release of Ubuntu), I am maintaining up-to-date packages of the nginx stable
> and devel branches in my Launchpad PPA.
> I run both branches on production machines using these packages, so have an
> incentive to keep them fresh and working. :-)
> (tracking nginx 0.7.x atm)
> (tracking nginx 0.8.x atm)
> (They're branched from the Debian and Ubuntu packages, and I intend to push
> changes back to their maintainers where appropriate.)
> Enjoy!

Oh, I will! Thank you so much for creating this, debs just make things
that little bit easier :).

FYI, both versions are missing the default site's root directory,
/var/www/nginx-default. I don't know if you care enough to fix it for
the PPA, it certainly doesn't bother me. (Actually tested on 9.04
although I don't think that matters as the directory is missing from
the .deb package anyway.)

- Matt

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