Proxy pass, upstream and http/1.0

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Thu Jul 30 10:57:16 MSD 2009

Cliff Wells Wrote:
> On Wed, 2009-07-29 at 17:50 -0400, komone wrote:
> > It is correct that Nginx can/will only establish
> a 1.0 connection to
> > an upstream application server? 
> Yes.

> > I can't see a way to make the proxy-pass honor
> 1.1 protocol.
> Is there a reason you need HTTP/1.1 to the
> backend?   Most web apps
> should work with either.

Web app servers are generally connection oriented and HTTP/1.1 provides far better connection support. When a new connection is made the app server has session setup as well as connection setup on a per connection basis, so constraint to HTTP/1.0 is very restricting. Beyond that there are many other parts of HTTP/1.1 that enrich the protocol. Olivier mentioned just one with chunked encoding, but consider other types of transfer such as ranged requests, Further reasons include but are not limited to: Extensibility Caching Bandwidth optimization Network connection management Message transmission Internet address conservation Error notification Security, integrity, and authentication and Content negotiation

The 1.0 constraint is pretty dire for me. Do I have alternatives to proxy-pass/upstream that would allow me to use Nginx or should I be looking at another HTTP server?


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