Rewrite URLs in content?

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Mon May 18 13:50:25 MSD 2009


The headers and requests can be modified by Rewrite module and/or proxy module

The content can be altered using httpsubmodule (the only thing you should note is that 
SubModule can't replace gziped content (at least I couldnt manage make it))


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> Hi all - I've been digging around for a while without success so I thought I would ask :) I have a setup where I have multiple 
> domains hosted on a single WordPress MU install. So, for example, I have the main WPMU install at, and all 
> published domains are appended to this (so is available at I now want to 
> run some sort of reverse proxy that listens on the URL, and pass the requests to 
> and the proxy will modify all headers and content to strip out the part of the 
> domain so only is returned to the client.
> Can I get something like this configured with Nginx?? Thanks in advance for any advice or pointers...
> Kolchy
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