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Sat Oct 17 19:49:47 MSD 2009

>What is unclear on

Of course, i read wiki. Its unclear how to modify nginx.conf

I need to run wakaba(imageboard script) on my nginx which was written in 

I've got nginx/0.7.62:
  >--user=nobody   >--group=nobody







Also i installed fcgi, perl, perl-fcgi and procmanager packages. I 
generated syscall.pm:

  >cd /usr/include
  >h2pm -r -l syscall.h

cgiwrap-fcgi.pl is located in /nginx (do i need to modify 
it(path-to-socket, line 35)?)

>[root at theycrawl ~]# /nginx/cgiwrap-fcgi.pl 
>FastCGI: manager (pid 5284): initialized
>FastCGI: manager (pid 5284): server (pid 5285) started
>FastCGI: server (pid 5285): initialized
>FastCGI: server (pid 5286): initialized
>FastCGI: manager (pid 5284): server (pid 5286) started
>FastCGI: manager (pid 5284): server (pid 5287) started
>FastCGI: server (pid 5287): initialized
>FastCGI: server (pid 5288): initialized
>FastCGI: manager (pid 5284): server (pid 5288) started
>FastCGI: server (pid 5289): initialized
>FastCGI: manager (pid 5284): server (pid 5289) started

What i need to add to nginx.conf?
In which order i must run nginx and other stuff?

PS also i've got gnosek-fcgiwrap, may be its better to use it?
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