Launch FastCGI process?

jlist9 jlist9 at
Wed Oct 21 09:44:06 MSD 2009

Hi Igor,

In fact, if it's integrated it is already better :-)

Although lighttpd has the spawn-fcgi tool, it still integrates this
into lighttpd itself and this makes setting up simple servers and managing
them a lot more easier!

As a matter of fact, I don't quite understand why the replies so far are mostly
negative about integrating a nice feature into nginx. I think a lot of lighttpd
users are using this feature and like it a lot. It's only an option in lighttpd
and you don't have to use it. Phillip mentioned that if a child process is
bad it may bring down the web server. I have never seen this myself.
What I have seen is, if the fcgi process throws an exception and exits,
lighttpd automatically starts another one. How nice! I really hope nginx
does it, too!

> nginx will never do it better than simple spawn-fcgi from lighttpd package,
> so I see any advantage of reimplenting spawn-fcgi.
> --
> Igor Sysoev

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