Launch FastCGI process?

Johan Bergström johan at
Wed Oct 21 10:13:31 MSD 2009

my take on "why shouldn't nginx spawn php" below.

On 21 okt 2009, at 07.44, jlist9 wrote:

> Hi Igor,
> In fact, if it's integrated it is already better :-)
> Although lighttpd has the spawn-fcgi tool, it still integrates this
> functionality
> into lighttpd itself and this makes setting up simple servers and  
> managing
> them a lot more easier!
> As a matter of fact, I don't quite understand why the replies so far  
> are mostly
> negative about integrating a nice feature into nginx. I think a lot  
> of lighttpd
> users are using this feature and like it a lot. It's only an option  
> in lighttpd
> and you don't have to use it. Phillip mentioned that if a child  
> process is
> bad it may bring down the web server. I have never seen this myself.
> What I have seen is, if the fcgi process throws an exception and  
> exits,
> lighttpd automatically starts another one. How nice! I really hope  
> nginx
> does it, too!

That's because it's not a web servers job to handle php (or python or  
whatever). Php-fpm already does a splendid job of spawning and  
maintaining php processes, so I think you should look into that.

Coming from an Apache-world it would probably make sense for nginx to  
handle "everything" in your web sphere, but one of the reasons Nginx  
is so fast and agile is that its focus is handling http requests and  
passing them along, not the other stuff.

>> nginx will never do it better than simple spawn-fcgi from lighttpd  
>> package,
>> so I see any advantage of reimplenting spawn-fcgi.
>> --
>> Igor Sysoev

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