[ANNOUNCE] ngx_http_wsgi_module 0.1rc1

Manlio Perillo manlio_perillo at libero.it
Mon Apr 5 23:18:51 MSD 2010

After 2 years of inactivity, I'm pleased to announce the first release
candidate for the 0.1 version of the ngx_http_wsgi_module.

For those who know the module, there are some important changes.
The name of module is now "ngx_http_wsgi_module" and the code is
available from a new Mercurial repository:

Here are the changes from the 0.0.6 release:

  - Feature: support for `Nginx` 0.7.*.

    Support for older versions has been removed.

  - Reorganized the old `WSGI` examples into a test suite, in the
    ``test`` directory in the ``ngx_http_wsgi_module`` source

  - Feature: module path specified in the `wsgi_pass` directive can be

    Relative paths are resolved against `Nginx` ``prefix`` directory.

  - Bug fix: import failure of a middleware module was not logged.

  - The module name associated with the script specified in `wsgi_pass`
    directive, is now derived from script path and no from `Nginx`
    `HTTP` location name.

    This solves some issues for non simple location names (as an
    example, locations with a regex).
    Moreover original implementation did not consider the case of the
    same script being used in multiple locations.

  - Feature: support for `Python` 2.6.

  - The ``ngx_http_wsgi_module`` now requires the new

    This revision breaks compatibility, since the
    `wsgi_python_optimize`, `wsgi_python_executable` and
    `wsgi_python_home` directives are no more available.

    See ``ngx_python_module`` documentation about the new
    directives to use for `Python` configuration.

    The support to *sub interpreters* has been removed.
    The `wsgi_enable_subinterpreters` and `wsgi_use_main_interpreter`
    directives are mo more available.

  - After 2 years of inactivity, started code reorganization and

  - Feature: implementation of ``wsgi.file_wrapper``.

  - Bug fix: ``ngx_http_wsgi_module`` did not compile on `Mac OS X` with
    `gcc 4.0.1`.

    Thanks to Brian Rosner.

More informations are available in the README, NEWS.txt, BUGS and TODO

Please note that there are some issues when using the module with Nginx
0.8.*, so the current development version of Nginx is not supported.

Before the final 0.1 version, I'm going to remove more obsolete code.

Manlio Perillo

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