Default Logging?

Tomas Zulberti tzulberti at
Tue Apr 6 00:14:15 MSD 2010

Hi. I am using nginx version 0.7.65, compiled with wsgi and geoip.
The configuration tells the access log to save the file on /mnt.
The problem is that for one that, there is no access log... An example
of the configuration is as follows:

server {
    // ...
    if (condition 1) {
    	access_log	/mnt/file.txt
    	// Other things things

    if (condition 2) {
    	access_log	/mnt/file2.txt
    	// Other things things 2

    if (condition 3) {
      	// Other things things 3

The problem is that when condition 3 happens, it logs the combiend
data to NGINX_FOLDER/logs/access.log in the combined way... There
isn't any other access_log (the ones on nginx.conf were deleted). So
the question is: nginx always log to logs/access.log if there is no

Thanks in advance,
Tomas Zulberti

pd: Sorry for my bad english..

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