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Jim Ohlstein jim at
Sat Apr 24 17:59:46 MSD 2010

On 4/24/10 9:18 AM, Maxim Dounin wrote:
> Hello!
> On Sat, Apr 24, 2010 at 09:00:31AM -0400, Jim Ohlstein wrote:
>> On 4/24/10 6:06 AM, Alejandro Mery wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> any idea why the forum/mailing list gateway ignores my replies? do I
>>> need to register there or there are certain "tokens" I need to include
>>> in the reply?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Alejandro Mery
>> Can you point me to other mailing list replies that seem to be missing?
> Here is recent example I've happen to find in russian mailing
> list.  Forum thread:
> And here is coresponding one in mailing list archive (with 4 extra
> messages):

The four "extra" messages are there. They were placed in separate threads.,75581,75621,75911,76601

This is a known issue with parsing non-Latin characters. It doesn't 
happen often in English forum, if ever, and only occasionally in the 
Russian forum. Since I don't read the Russian mailing list/forum, I 
don't really see it. I am open to anyone who actually is interested and 
able to do so to take on the job of merging the threads. I will happily 
assign moderator powers for such. I doubt it would take more than 5 
minutes per day for someone who reads Russian. For me it is character 
recognition without understanding what I am reading in the subject and 
is fairly tedious. For someone with even cursory understanding of 
Russian it should be quite simple.

> And in some cases messages are actually available in forum but
> disappear after reply in forum.

Sorry Maxim, but this is impossible. A post can only "disappear" if it 
is specifically deleted by myself. Sometimes *new* posts and threads are 
caught in the spam traps I have in place. This prevents most forum based 
spam from getting out to the mailing lists but traps many legitimate 
entries as well. The reason is that one of the criteria for determining 
if something is spam is many URL's in an entry. So it happens more often 
than I'd like. Once in a while a person gets frustrated and enters a 
second post that goes through. In such cases I might delete the original 
if the content was more or less the same. In such cases, however, the 
entry was never visible. In any event, I check for such entries several 
times a day. The longest span is my overnight hours which unfortunately 
might go into the early to mid afternoon in Moscow time. Again, I am 
open to someone in a European time zone having access to approve such 

Separately, there was until recently an error in processing entries to 
the Russian announcement forum. As a result some entries are missing. 
That was my fault and was due to an error I created when I changed 
servers. That has been corrected and the announcement for nginx 0.8.36 
was included as it should have been.

Anyone interested in helping out in any way can feel free to contact me 

Jim Ohlstein

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