nginx compression-at-edge (in front of a reverse proxy) compresses some content, not other ?

Ben DJ bendj095124367913213465 at
Wed Apr 28 23:29:29 MSD 2010

Hi Igor,

> nginx uses file cache as persistent storage, however, once a response

Thanks for the explanation.  I'll, eventually, get around to giving
the capability a try in nginx.  At the very least, the performance
comparisons will be interesting ...

> I did not understand what that parallel CDN does and what problem you
> have encountered.

A good description is here,

Basically, serving various content types in parallel from Varnish
in-memory caches, in particular when memcache(d) is not an option due
to low RAM constraints (on a VPS ...).

The performance boost -- admittedly under the right concurrent loads
-- can be dramatic.

> Try "gzip -1 some.js" and "gzip -9 some.js" to see the difference.
> Also you may try to gzip a large file to see time difference.



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