Cache only if no args?

p.iannelli nginx-forum at
Wed Dec 1 23:36:45 MSK 2010

Hi Igor,

if I understood right :

proxy_cache_bypass bypass directly the cache and serve the response from
the upstream.
proxy_no_cache then prevent the response to be cached, unconditionally,
after is fetched from upstream.

Your solution, then, may fit indeed my needs, thanks ! :)

I would like also to ask you if is possible to check whether a full
cached file is present in proxy cache and, if yes, I would like to use
my filter on that file instead of upstream. How may I check if a file is
already in cache? Can I do it in config file? If not, how should I
handle this in my module?

Thank you for you time !

Kind regards,

Paolo Iannelli

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